Hello World ! :)

I am a graduate student in the Physics department at The University of Texas at Austin. I did my undergraduate study in Electrical Engineering at the Indian Institute of Technology Madras(IITM) in Chennai, India.

My Interests

I have a deep interest in fundamental theoretical physics — more specifically field theory, quantum gravity, cosmology and to some extent particle physics and astrophysics. I am fascinated by the ubiquitous concepts of information/entropy and their pervasiveness. I believe these fields allow one to glimpse at some of nature's best and characteristic works. By studying these, I hope to unravel for myself, once every while, a little bit more about how our universe works.

A bunch of us (mostly physics grad students) gather every weekend to drink whiskey and discuss mathematical physics in what is now known as the Whiskey seminar. At some point of time, we might start putting up some of our notes online.

Some physics enthusiasts at IITM gather(ed) often as the Boltzmann group. That resulted in many fun weekend afternoons discussing advanced topics in physics, outside the purview of general undergraduate curricula.

The intellectual in me loves to indulge in discussions and debates. With a view towards promoting awareness and critical discussion among fellow students at IITM, I co-founded the Colloquium. I'm active through it's online platform on Facebook.

I have been interested in astronomy since my childhood and was fortunate enough to pursue it as a hobby, as part of the IITM Astro Club. I had an awesome time observing the light-polluted Chennai night sky, and occasionally, better skies when the opportunity came. I know there are supposed to be excellent skies in Texas, but I haven't felt enthusiastic enough to brave a night of the Texan winter. Maybe I'll go observing in the summer, now that my friend Akarsh Simha has an 18-inch telescope.

I like the concept of free and open source software. I was involved with the IITM Linux Users Group during my undergrad. These days, I code once in a while.

I also enjoy playing sports, mostly squash these days. I also play tennis, racquetball and soccer once in a while. I used to play basketball before, but not much of late.